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Back in 1991 I obtained a PPL (A-certificate) from Proflite of Vero Beach in Florida. Unfortunately I did not use it again until the summer of 2008. I had been wanting to start flying again ever since 1991, but just didn't.

Finally i 2008 I went to St. petersburg/ Clearwater airport and regained my license after just 1.8 hours of flying and 2 hours of ground instruction. USA is a GREAT place!

In November 2008 I was once again in Florida, and this time I took my mom up for a flight from Ft Pierce to Pahokee - it was great to be back in the pilot-seat! My license has been up to date since! :)


Flying does not have to be limited to the few! All it takes is time and some pocket change. With the current USD rate and a price of approx. USD 5000,- I would recommend the experience to everybody!


On this page I wil load pictures, videos and other flight-info.


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